It’s with great pleasure I introduce you to our new vendor – BitRater, a new and innovative security technology that protects against all types of malware including ransomware, viruses, spyware and cybercriminals – including the infamous ransomware WannaCry

Protects against all the unknowns
Traditional antivirus programs are designed to remove already known viruses, and their effect depends on the time between new virus comes into play, until it is detected and its removal tool is implemented. BitRater DOES NOT ONLY stop already known viruses. BitRater analyze ALL processes before they start, so no scan of the hard drive is necessary.

How does BitRater actually work?
uNLIKE most security tools, BitRater is designed with extreme efficiency in mind. BitRater is one of the most comprehensive and effective security software solutions, within application whitelisting, available on the market today. BitRater offers both endpoint protection and process control.
BitRater can run without the user noticing it or is involved in the setup. Everything takes place in the user process and is fully automated. BitRater uses less than 1% of the CPU (data power), thus minimizing memory usage.
When BitRater sees an unknown process on the computer, this process will automatically be forwarded to BitRater’s Cloud Service, where it is analyzed. The process is compared to data from our large database for allowed and malicious processes. A malicious process will be completely blocked on your computer, INCLUDING ALL OTHER machines connected to the BitRater Cloud network. An approved process is allowed to start normally.
Se også Whitepaper – Extreme Data Protection Made Easy

Free BitRater security after the WannaCry attack
After the worldwide Ransomware attack, we’d like to show you how BitRater works and how BitRater can secure you against future ransomware attacks.
The WannaCry attack could not penetrate Bitrater’s security, which again shows the quality of this software. BitRater is a unique software solution that provides one of the most effective ways to block ransomware and any other unknown malware that may hurt you in the future. BitRater is quick and easy to install and can be installed on your system, in the cloud or as a combination. The cloud detected and stopped malware before it became known as WannaCry. BitRater works in a fully automated manner, which means you do not have to monitor events or alerts – you just get a report about what has been blocked.
Forget about WannaCry and future threats – you can now get BitRater free for 3 months. Call us at +45 70 22 38 10 or contact us at

See why BitRater is the best defense against WannaCry and future threats
NEWS – new video from BitRater! See BitRater CEO and former head of the Defense Intelligence Service GovCert, Ebbe Petersen, explain how BitRater works and can protect against attacks like WannaCry.


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