TENABLE INTRODUCES CONTAINER SECURITY – ADD-ON FOR TENABLE.IO Container Security stores container images and scans them as they’re built, before they can reach production. It provides vulnerability and malware detection, along with continuous monitoring of container images. By integrating with the continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) systems that build container images, Container Security ensures every container reaching production is secure and compliant with enterprise policy. Container Security complements previously released capabilities in Nessus® and Vulnerability Management that enable security teams to detect running Docker hosts and enumerate the containers running on them. Discovering and securing Docker hosts is an important first step in the container security journey. Vulnerability Management can also audit Docker hosts against the CIS Docker v1.12+ benchmark, helping you properly harden your container hosts.

Container Security is available as:
5 GB (Starter)
10 GB (Small)
25 GB (Midsize)
50 GB (Large)
100 GB (Enterprise)

For pricing please contact your Tenable partner or IT2Trust.

Read more about Container Security here



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